Women and Geek, Pop Culture

Is there a trend rising?

Blog series on observing changes women present in the wonderful world of Geek, pop culture.

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I watch a lot of TV. I play video games. I’m reading and lurking the latest and greatest news in comics when I can. I love sci-fi! Yup! I’m a geek by all accounts and in this day and age I’m loving every minute of it. There are tons of amazing and inspirational stories from writers using characters that I never thought were all that interesting before. So inspiring, in fact, I’ve taken up writing, as you can see. However, there’s something I did notice…or rather I felt it missing, and that’s the presence of strong women in these types of media’s. 


Now this particular subject is basically the battle-cry for anything even remotely feminist-ic and yes, sometimes those cries can be a bit excessive. Still, it does warrant the question, why? You see these discussions all over the internet. So what exactly is happening to combat misrepresentation? If everyone asks and wonders, why isn’t anything happening? Where and when will this change occur?

Well that’s a topic for another discussion in another series, for now, I want to move away from the philosophical. Instead, this series will focus more on what’s actually being done differently AND possibly what can be done to feel more involved in how the media treats the representation of women. Personally, I do see a change in the way feminine characters are being portrayed, albeit, in a few shows that 10,  maybe 15 years ago, would not have had the same type of charisma or strength I see today. I’m reading comics and I’m watching television and I can see it. You can too! You just have to know where to look, and once you know where to look, you can analyze and apply.

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In future segments I’ll talk about all the various shows and movies I watch, the comics I read and even some of the video games I play, that not only support, but encourage strong female leads. Shows like Defiance and even cartoons like The Legend of Korra are fine examples of great stories with strong female leads. This series will explain the forms of media that break traditional tropes we assume are the norm in most narratives. It’s refreshing to see once redundant plot devices turned around and made new by just switching gender roles. Other forms try their best but fall short, and though it may not take away from the plot itself, comparatively the character in the show may not be as dynamic. I will touch up on that as well. 

The first part of this series is less about the usual reviews and more a unique analysis of character. How feminine characters interact with other characters, their environment and even themselves.

The topics range from all types of genres, and I will do my best to give a wide variety of coverage to them all. First, I’ll start off with what I know. The fun part will doing research in the near future since I know there’s even more out there I don’t know. 

                           Aveline AC: Liberation. Digital image.  Http://www.gameskinny.com/ . © 2014 Guild Launch, LLC, 2014. Web. 2014.

                           Aveline AC: Liberation. Digital image. Http://www.gameskinny.com/. © 2014 Guild Launch, LLC, 2014. Web. 2014.

So keep reading. At the very least you’ll come out of this with the knowledge about well-written, character driven shows or graphic novels that you may have slept on or passed up!