What's New?! This week: Oceanside Short: Shooting in Bayview


I'll keep this brief as I already have much to say down below...

But "Oceanside Short #10 - Insurance--policies?!" was inspired by the shooting that happened almost a year ago in San Francisco's Bayview district, resulting in the death of Mario Woods. It was sort of my way of coping with the increasing death-toll against minorities vs. law enforcement. I also wanted to bring awareness to the incident and not just make light of a problem that seems to be afflicting our country. The situation of Mario Woods probably affected me more than others because this was the first captured shooting I'd seen that didn't seem racially motivated. (i.e. stemming from a place of hate)

And I assume this is easy to fix... easier than gun control, or going through the slow processes of blaming those with authoritative power and demanding justice.

To be clear: This short is more about the actions that took place in this particular shooting, not the actual victim. I tried not to make it a tirade on the unnecessary force of the police (okay... maybe a little), but rather an acknowledgement of the overall posthumous symbol that many have needlessly lost their lives to become.

Until we all get out and become vocal about the root of these issues, situations like Mario Woods, Walter Scoot, Tamir Rice (and an unfortunately long list of victims) will continue to happen on a daily basis. 

The footage is really nothing you haven't seen in the news nowadays, just another senseless death. However, it is one the most embarrassing displays of police work I've seen that wasn't blatantly motivated by hate. "Sloppy" is a word that comes to mind.