What's New?! this week: TCBStickers and Digi-Comics

My first batch of logo stickers has arrived and they're looking gOoOoOoOd!!!

I'll pretty much be handing them out to people that look like they may want a little "T.C.B" in their lives (which I'm convinced is everyone)

Now... I really must thank Michael Szymanski, for he is the actual illustrator and true genius behind theCheshireBAT logo. I wouldn't have gotten to this stage of my career without him. So if you've been If you're in the market for slick graphic designs, I can definitely point you in the right direction.


I'm also kicking off my Oceanside project. 

Oceanside is my attempt at being comical through a collection of experiences, short social commentary cartoons and artistic thoughts illustrated as visual poetry.  I'll be distributing them weekly on Facebook and Instagram, etc.

Check 'em out @ and follow me for updates!!